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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  March 27, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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appear oh. need to read the tou in sick to pull the needle in the development of the metropolis sixteen thousand rifles who met with his k his colleague i was victimized during the talks the two leaders discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations including prospects and trade economic investment modern energy cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the actions of the joint kazakh his investment fund its roots are also considered nursing years relation to the stunning bishkek of ensuring a positive trend during the years of independence kazakhstan has invested more than one
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billion us dollars in the neighboring republic the prince's difficult situations that are happening in the world it is good for a stool can discuss various issues which are important for neighboring countries and meetings opened at great prospects for business structures bilateral trade turnover has increased by forty percent compared with two thousand eleven exceeding one billion us dollars accordingly the swing of cows extending the carries economy has also exceeded one billion dollars over the years of independence however there's still a lot of work we need to hold an interstate commission and a supreme interest the council of catholics than in kyrgyzstan in this regard we are ready to discuss all aspects of our cooperation the minute. during the assault on nbc. everytime i come here and inspired the kazakh steppe is a leading country in the century the region in all respects including a colony education and other sectors to learn the things that was discovered useful things and leave the killer lot initiatives announced by the president has expanding nuclear security summit in
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spain are now being actively discussed by experts from many countries since gaining independence can extend this continue to consistently advocated for the strengthening of global nuclear security in this regard mistletoe doesn't drive has offered a number of important initiatives the kazakh leader outlined a number of areas that would require significant efforts to contain the complete nuclear disarmament. maybe the only guarantee of nuclear security as well as the fight against terrorism and an education that source has a political analyst bill in the band was one of the expert participants of the summit he shared his opinion on the outcome of these debates. but you will call me that the new pool is she a different costume you don't need the president stressed that no measures taken to ensure their security should somehow affect the right of states to develop peaceful nuclear energy and catholics as he knows a world leader in the production of uranium the state has ambitious plans to develop special clear industry created fuel cycle in the country silk corset as accent is very interested in this development weekly energy for peaceful purposes and the state of the president was announced
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their timing you all. no duty to put it on top of multiple markets and as for the placement of international fuel bank in kazakhstan. this project is aimed at providing a guarantee by hiding it uranium for nuclear power plants to countries that are using this energy for peaceful purposes. soma a bond who in general the bank will prevent further spread of nuclear materials and the member nuclear states will not increase this to be the country's contribution to the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. this initiative does not imply any risks for the country and that the will. well i don't need you to know. in addition president so kind as in i went in and of the mission of us president barak obama and conducting a global summit on nuclear security prehistoric larue in promoting peace and security in oral. however the next summit scheduled for two thousand sixteen should not be the last one that doesn't mind because sticking to hold summits on a regular basis at least every four to five years. foreign news agencies are discussing the results of the heat
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nuclear security summit american port oh yes who rates. kazakh president obama's are back and barak obama discussed the clear security and nonproliferation during a bilateral meeting washington times published an article with the headline doesn't buy it as if the president asks for leaders to advance their security. willis times reports president of china greece the cooperative has extend to advance to clear security and development in asia. the article discussed the upcoming visit of the sopranos are back to china in may of two thousand for team the two presidents plan to sign agreements on the development of a new concept of security and cooperation in asia topics of into prominence and cooperation in to national security as oscar perez of catholics in the field of nuclear nonproliferation and peaceful use of atomic energy were the main things during the making of the western eastern and the minute left on in the japanese ambassador to cows extend the stay in chicago. the airline want to emphasize the importance of being a stance of prisoners survived in the field of nuclear security. he also focuses attention on the side of the last summit in
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the heat once again confirm its tiny it's the species were among the top of the meeting of the head of state and prime ministers attend a summit in turn must issue the height of most of the japan is ready to cooperate closely with jazz extent especially if you have peaceful uses of atomic energy even in vast experience in japan in the field of energy. the only weapon unlike the japanese companies to take an active part in extra two thousand seventeen the strengthening of into prominence relations became a separate topic of conversation according to that size a contribution to this with the expansion of interaction between relevant committees and groups of operation chairman of asic commission for human rights member of the question is coastal town of maitland a member of the european parliament is the key ago and then opened a stupa the parties discussed observance of human rights he has extend the conversation but it still kind of hinted that human rights are one of the major priorities of kansas and policy since the first day of independence he added that the proposals of it as a condition worse human rights for considering the development of the new criminal and administrative coats. moreover throughout the years of independence
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fundamental human rights read is naturally station judicial enforcement systems are being improved as well as the defeated mechanisms for the protection of human rights. the meeting knowing the scenes here i am. i'm here to see some steps killing common on i can see steps. view of city life i sometimes allows you to a new one. kazakhstan is thinking about. two thousand. each team. i bought from the book will end this discussion the pot. the guiding us and the human rights situation. i think it is in the park is still guiding say no to book tickets and embossed in silver. but i can see here it goes off. just as we visit him and in the russian market the accident are planned export its products to endure
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some nine and two thousand sq last year the lines of supply stated more than seven thousand tonnes. the company manager scenic as it has access to top thirty most of countries will help as the producers to enter the international market when the ball just keep the plant uses up to five hundred and fifty tonnes of wheat the final product is enriched with iodine iron and an eminence the company uses two production lines which were produced in switzerland and italy. we are trying to modernize the production line to increase the capacity of the plant where focusing on producing quality products in audit able to compete in foreign markets. this was the second day of the task is to access markets outside of russia the president has addressed the nation spoke about entry list of top thirty developed countries this gives us an impetus to increase export volumes. it was the fourth movie cheated a bit. aside from the rush of the act and a fire plan has entered the markets of earning and azerbaijan the grain ltd capacities one hundred and fifty thousand pounds in addition to local small and big farms farmers
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from the caspian region supply grain to this elevator as well. catholics as people assembly will open departments of tolerance in our universities of cows extent chairman of the association of russian sputnik and caustic organizations and has expelled a lovely batch of reporting and everything the first part of tolerance open to the region actually never seen astana will become a major methodological cent in the department tolerance with open coach alan marks twenty similar departments will open in other regional centers in the new teacher these departments will pursue educational purposes the news just in iran and the need for the department of tolerance will teach the eureka national university students over to tolerance culture and respect for the people of differing nationalities their eternal concepts of good relations among people are different will expand to the students these concepts which was cool with that machine you could use to hate. some months ago the participants also called about preparation for the next session of cows extend people's assembly
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which will be held in april eighteen it will be attended by one and half thousand delegates. currently this only brings together eight hundred and twenty at the cultural centers of cows expand thinking of the session will be canvassed and twenty fifteen culture of peace are challenged in harmony. great auntie kim the chosen subject is very wide in its choice is not accidental. in my opinion an opinion assembly the world is going through a difficult stage in terms of politics and international relations issues of culture and world missions are the foundation of the current crisis. but he's miserable. the topsoil was needed. now the celebrations were held in berlin the academic orchestra folk instruments name the three team in the piece to be a concert of the berlin university of arts has a traditional and well classic music was included in the concert programme about one thousand people came to the concert. representatives of the federal government german going to start in berlin to spill authorities were among the audience notice of emissions a symbol of the traditions that need to be demonstrated to
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the world support this initiative ten diplomatic mission to protect countries organized a great holiday guests to entertain and treated the calender delights as a thematic exhibition featured information into the main achievements of cows accent. the latest news is that three w dot cardstock that kate said does extends property developer market has become more structured with more delineated market segments companies have also settled in their respective segments revenue generation of real estate companies has become more transparent. but you can help ease some of us from these rumors. a large institution in rio state investors in the six event the market is divided into lecturing business and economy segments. we know the prices and profitability of each of the segments going
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on. we did it occur to you soon. and of course next year the pm. it is widely known the currency fluctuations significantly affect rental prices. due to the stability of the king the exchange rate developers are expanding the group's accord are in their rental agreements and are ideal conditions for the possibility of a tradition of peace in the case of sharp currency fluctuations. just heard this news was she was known to work with up to the founding of quebec cookbook much useless. the book will go a dozen overs to two hundred property owners are generating revenue for renting a real estate hotel rooms and office spaces or warehouses. this is normal for commercial real estate market to be arranged like this hasn't been to in the pushy pushy. the phone before he could overcome with grief he has become part of the compartment. convention what a classic cars and read reviews of shopping malls are
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opening in small regional towns which is a scion of the retail real estate market is developing real estate companies are searching for new markets as the market to pick cities are becoming more saturated. the federal open market committee from a prolonged has decided to reduce its monthly bond and mortgage asset purchases from sixty five million to fifty five billion dollars. i make its reports. the fact confirmed the benchmark interest rate at a record low this year it was reported twenty five percent per annum these measures comply with the analysts' expectations the fed forecasts of a decrease in economic growth for the country two thousand for two to three percent from the three point five percent level of december two thousand the team. inflation will get the level of one point five percent and employment rates in the range of six to six point five percent. we don't all orders will pay a one point two billion by the us department of justice associated press reports the fire will be paid to settle the case of violation of safety rules in prius and lexus cars
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resulting in numerous fatal accidents. the financial times reports that the first time in exchange market will start trading in panama by the end of two thousand fourteen. the panel and diamond exchange has been exempted from taxes two hundred south american companies and two hundred companies from russia india and the usa and switzerland are expected to cooperate with the platinum and diamond exchange. i'm expects to receive over three billion dollars in income from the diamond exchange for two thousand twenty the financial times reports that the founders of eight inch plant expand the south american diamond market from eight billion to ten billion dollars by two thousand seventeen there are more than eleven thousand five hundred killer stores and seven hundred and fifty diamond dealers as well as over three hundred and twenty mining companies in latin america
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the red eye i did. i mean and. it's going . to start
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the nineteen ninety nine to suit your taste and see spongebob it was. this is the deal as it's done serena's the vine by
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the fountain and direct him to find the sign says methodology is to teach itself the bigpond have developed an educational system of human development and steel fencing team tookie a beguiling ten thousand until the doc training center in to the meanest instinct in advance of any topic of kazakhstan was established the main objectives of the center on training and retaining dollars to sixteen contracts explosives and weapons as well as the pc seen in the police to investigate if any remains is to prevent and stop crying the expats from the department of internal defense of the week. ideally some of the student of economics. of the county and national security of the recount because at that time. i'm just south of the center. eighteen thousand and six the president of kazakhstan are still two of them i received the ten man of the night dancing with the cubic feet and bought the rationing in a belgian
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foreign ministry and the deep enough for database contains zinc intake and know that something called pinky and announced that the belgian embassy in provincetown was opened in astana. our. most is the place of the twentieth century is white with red in every country of the world the disease was spread by droplet contacted the unpleasant symptoms such as prolonged stop this beanie a high temperature after the end of two says. some fight against disease based on the principle that prevents it is better than treatment. the close up dancing space to the protest if the answers that have
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given plastic results over the years to see the mortality rate has fallen significantly in all regions of the country. the cat problem. his unit. he did to me to stop it. some experts are going out of highly effective for this part of the special state program on fighting against tuberculosis thus for the past ten years we have been able to decrease the number of timber closest pieces down to fifty two percent in two thousand and four the tb rate per one hundred thousand population and added two hundred ft to four point six cases. at present the speaker stands at seventy three the tv mortality rate has decreased by seventy two percent during the past ten years. who among them. and who come to this that will ultimately determine that. the dough from bowl to restore commission along with the team couldn't post it
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some delegates considerable price to profess and treatment of tuberculosis tb patients receive social supports his tuberculosis requires a longer term and profound treatment for the help of both medicated and surgical methods. and we have introduced the w h o international standards if they don't help then we'll introduce the surgical methods of treatment. these are the new surgical methods according to which would transform a hazard this type of tuberculosis in ten non hazardous one with the help of brother kayak listen and judge if the ranking surgery we are introducing this method in kazakhstan now these methods are applied not only in our national center but also in the nearest regional centers or call one minus two local court on the baboon to fold em. medical science doesn't remain sealed. these lombard
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street the edge into the national center for tuberculosis. the butchery the creeps within us technologies that allow receiving the results of the check up and tests very fast. vizquel to fasten the detection of the disease isolated nation to start an effective treatment as early as possible. previously the analysis could take up to three months now this process has been reduced in time significantly. well nowadays we use in us molecular genetic technologies into the hours they are loud detecting the presence of tuberculosis in to expect duration of the disease and the resistance to medications a curious scientifically proven fact only about ten percent of those who are infected with the notorious michael the team into the closest to give effect to tuberculosis most of the people infected with tb have a compromised immune systems. therefore the position is encouraging everyone paying special attention to strengthening one's immune system. though
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with the spirit. to prevent these diseases and one to lead a healthier lifestyle we cannot sign resting eating well and went in out unnecessary. his right to develop a habit of having to walk every evening breeze in france a year. every person should take care of personal hygiene is necessary to keep the house clean all of the surrounding human body strong immune system helps resist not only tuberculosis but rather in taxes diseases as well. given that i can think of it for you the closest to steal a dangerous disease. however it is no longer an incurable illness. at present modern healthcare has a variety of tools aimed at managing events and treatment tuberculosis. you are blue
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can do them in the spirit italian drama crimes nothing and no one on what or who thinks these distinguished looking on the way. now police officers not only has nine children or even fisherman the buttons. is this. don't answer that. to turn in to see beneath the surface is inspector frank was nearly was laid back manner belies his drive to get it i knew tool. the is the all too fast cecil of me was that. and
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it's in. it's good indigenous when cast includes interviews with the system. some areas ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength but also consume in constant conflict with his superiors study into building a luminous along like a real privilege. it is open to change it to the top selling the tickets are one of the final two companies. so relieved. this monument is how i conduct. it recently scored a goal come up. you see. recently only to go basically the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife with whom she met some really good. get a new team preview the streak or so i mean. when is the money under the isa. the series
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this into question. i am two heat. chicken. do. to me six. what do i see it. what other people's expressions of healing. which leads to what may be one of italian television's most genuinely
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awkward moments the kid. ty is somewhat more open. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of the larry ovaries which became popular for her sense of history and their exploration of final causes of crime. only two of his novels have been translated into english and the books serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. scenario is played by luke harper if he brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career barbara's he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty three his association with the notorious horror film
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cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges gretzky was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only when the contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on the tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and as you. she is the humans him. the love interest and funding crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as the popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until
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smooth. since the news the students. i salute you can see it. i know. character in the series is the river hull. it shakes alinsky the climate and the lives of people who live on its banks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. tower. it's just freakin ever. it has a taiwan as part of it. dating is now six pm the time you're watching it. as the city with the stereo set. you
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knew you were eye. i know the us. eye the eye


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